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Andrea Djivanova at the beach during sunset

Andrea Djivanova is a self-taught photographer. She was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1991.

She is passionate about different types of photography, but has a particular liking for abstract photography, black and white photography and nature photography. She says that those artworks are one of her best.

She has participated in several exhibitions both locally and internationally, a couple of which were solo exhibitions.

She loves capturing the emotion and sensation of a particular moment. She will capture anything and everything that gets her attention, spikes her emotions or captures her curiosity, no matter how big or small.   

Why Wolf as a nickname?

Andrea has always had a deep admiration for this animal.

Wolves are complex, highly intelligent animals who are caring, devoted, ambitious, hardworking, loyal and strong. As she says herself, she has always strived to incorporate these qualities in her own life. This is what the nickname symbolizes.

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