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The Little Things In Life

Everyday life has become so busy and hasty that people tend to forget about what’s really important. They rush through every day only to get to the next. 

The coronavirus pandemic which started in 2020 forced people to stop and slow down. 
It made people realize what’s really important and made them appreciate the simple joys in life. 
Simple joys such as drinking a warm cup of coffee, listening to your favorite music, watching old movies, telling your loved ones how much you care for them, reading a good book, taking a walk or going for a run, playing games or enjoying some ice cream. 
These are the little things that make our days beautiful, enjoyable and worthwhile, yet somehow we stopped appreciating them and started taking them for granted.

I believe that one of the most important lessons that we have to take out of this time of crisis is that time is precious and that we need to stop and take a breath every once in a while, to appreciate the simple joys in life and appreciate the people we love.  

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