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Country Life

Outside of the city, life is different. You can feel a sort of… tranquility. As if time has stopped. You don’t feel the rush that is always present in the cities, where everything is a hustle. Like a river sweeping you away and drowning you. No... it's calm here, it's quiet and the day just flows by, peacefully.

The people are also different here. It’s kind of strange. They are friendly. They are sociable. They are kind. They know each other. They help each other with whatever they can. It’s just different.

Here you can also see something rare. Something that you don’t often see nowadays … or maybe even at all… The kids are playing outside, in the streets. Just like that – in the streets. Playing ball. Playing hide and seek. Playing tag. Playing games… Like we did once, when we were kids. A real childhood. A wonderful childhood. 

Country life is nice. Very nice indeed!

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